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1 product

Ocean & Earth have a huge range of premium surf hats and caps to keep you protected on those long surfs. Tested and trusted by the world's best surfers since 79.

Back in the wild 1970’s, Ocean And Earth was born! Back then we only stocked a few surfing products. Since then we’ve become an international surfing brand that is recognised around the world. We have developed a core range of surfing products for all surfers. One of our key products is our surf hats. Surfing has always been our passion and this has led to our growth and success!

At Ocean And Earth we sell the largest range of surf hats available. We categorise our hats into two main categories, surf hats and surf caps. Our surf hats come in a huge range of colours and sizes. A surf hat gives you the freedom to stay in the water for as long as you want without fear of being sunburnt to a crisp!

We harness our years of surfing knowledge and then infuse it with the latest technologies to bring you the most developed surf hats possible. We create surf hats that are high quality and reliable. As surfers, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our hats!

We are continually pushing ourselves to innovate and create better surf products for our customers! This pursuit of perfection is what distinguishes us from our competition. We love surfing and are dedicated to making the best surf hats in the world.

At Ocean And Earth we believe that having a surf hat is essential for any summer surfer. Our surf hats are all lightweight and made from quick dry materials! They are perfect for minimalising glare and keeping the sun off! Lots of our surf hats come with an inner headband made from padded neoprene for superior comfort. Majority of our hats also come with safety loops that you can attach to your wetsuit for additional security.

Our surf hats also have adjustable quick release chin straps! This gives you the choice to decide how tight you’d like your chinstrap. Our aim is to make high quality surf hats you’ll fall in love with. At Ocean And Earth our goal is to sell the best surf hats for all surfers.

Ocean And Earth has been kicking on for four decades. At Ocean And Earth we are still Australian owned and operated! This makes of one of the only Australian surfing brands still owned and ran in Australia. What makes us different from other Australian surfing brands is our commitment to innovate, create, design and deliver only the highest quality surf hats. 

Click through to view our surf hats and caps range. All of our hats are built to last and made from the highest quality materials. Be sure to check out our huge range of surf hats today!