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3 products

Looking for a new surfboard cover? Ocean and Earth have the world's largest range of surfboard covers. We are world leaders in surfboard cover design and have been trusted by the worlds best surfers since 79! Designed and developed by surfers, we have a surfboard cover for all board shapes and sizes. 

Ocean and Earth started off as a small surf brand that stocked only a limited range of surfing products. Since the start, one of our key products was our surfboard covers. Fast forward forty years and Ocean and Earth is now an international surfing brand that sells surfboard covers all over the world! It has been an amazing journey that showcases passion is the key to success. 

At Ocean and Earth we stock a vast collection of surfboard covers. We sell surfboard covers for shortboards, fishes, longboards, and even stand up paddle boards! Our surfboard covers come in a range of colours and lengths. Trying to figure out what surfboard cover to get? Use the filters to help you pick the best surfboard cover for your board. 

Ocean and Earth utilises the latest technology to develop and create our surfboard covers. We have strict rules and post-production checks to ensure that each and every one of our surfboard covers maintains the highest quality standard. As surfers, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our surfboard covers! We believe that this consistent pursuit of perfection is what makes Ocean and Earth surfboard covers among the best in the world.

Your surfboard cover is what protects your board from damage. The costs associated with surfboard repair can often be quite high and sometimes unfixable! Why take the risk? Better to get yourself an exceptional surfboard cover that you can trust! At Ocean and Earth we are dedicated to making surfboard covers that will keep your prized possession safe. Whether merely using your surfboard cover to take your board back and forth from the beach in the car, or overseas on surfing trips, we have the perfect cover for you! At Ocean and Earth our goal is to create and sell the best surfboard covers for all surfers and board types.

Ocean and Earth’s history is entrenched in Australian surf culture. We are still Australian owned and operated! This makes of one of the only Australian surfing brands still owned and ran in Australia! Our surfboard covers are designed in Australia using our surfing insights and the latest technological developments. What makes us different from other Australian surfing brands is our commitment to innovate, create, design and sell only the highest quality surfboard covers!

Click through to view our shortboard covers, our fish covers, our longboard covers, our travel covers, or our stand up paddle board covers. All of our covers are made from the highest quality materials. Be sure to check out our huge range of surfboard covers today!