Introducing the APEX, HYPA, COR_X, O&E’s New Surfboard Cover Range

Introducing the APEX, HYPA, COR_X, O&E’s New Surfboard Cover Range


Our new surfboard cover range featuring the APEX, HYPA & COR_X provide a perfect blend of protection, refined shapes and innovation. Each category in the new series features sleek designs that protect your surfboards from the elements and travel hazards and add a touch of sophistication. Effectively the world's largest range of travel  surfboard covers just got larger, and better.

The top-end APEX is the pinnacle of durability and innovation. It allows you to surf with no limits. HYPA is where performance meets design and will get you to the next level. Cor_X provides quality you can trust so that you can surf with confidence.

Connecting and protecting surfboards is in our DNA and the new range is the culmination of 40 years of innovative surfboard bag creation experience. Our covers are crafted with cutting-edge materials for maximum durability, ensuring your boards stay in top condition. They will redefine the way you care for your boards, instilling trust for a lifetime so you can hit the waves with peace of mind.

The APEX is our top-end travel surfboard cover for shortboards, fishes and longboards ranging from 5’8" to 10’0” and is available in single through to five board bags. The APEX cutting edge comes from our new XPS / IPS system. The external protection system (XPS) is a structured external shell that provides the initial high-impact defence designed to protect. The internal protection system (IPS) is the internally positioned cushioning pads and compression straps that keep the precious cargo cushioned and cradled at all times.

“A board bag is probably my key piece of luggage when I travel,” said O & E test pilot Ryan Callinan. “I’m on the road nine months of the year so I spend so much time dragging them through airports, wrapping them around hire cars and chasing waves. With the APEX, I trust that my boards will be in the same condition as when I packed them. That peace of mind is crucial.”

The HYPA surfboard bag range features use our iconic XP protection system across the shortboard, fish, mid-length, longboard and big wave covers, from single to five board options. They are compact fitting surfboard covers designed for carrying multiple short boards. The moulded rubber sidewall adds an extra layer of protection, making them ideal for chasing swells at home, or on overseas missions.

The nose and tail feature Armour Weave, our tough, tear-proof, water-repellent fabric and anti-impact foam. In addition to the 20 mm moulded rubber wall on the rails, there is 5 mm of shock-absorbing foam. An expandable side wall runs around the entire surfboard cover for a perfect fit. If you prepare to roll, rather than drag, the custom wheel system features a heavy-duty inline bearing system that won’t ever let you down.

Internally, sewn-in padded dividers protect and separate the boards and stop a surfer’s worst nightmare; a Chinese wax job. Internal compression straps minimise board movement, ensuring the boards arrive as you pack them, not like a dropped jigsaw puzzle. A water-repellant internal lining, heavy-duty zippers with large lockable zipper heads and a velcro pouch for your accessories round-off surfboard bags that you can trust.

The Cor_X are quality surfboard covers at great value with all the important features to keep your beloved surfboards safe. “I’d use these covers for a quick strike mission down the coast, or just for throwing in the truck when you are looking for waves locally,” said Ryan Callinan.

Coming in single and two surfboard covers, the Cor_X features a mix of Armour X Weave and a nylon ripstop which are impact-resistant, tear-proof, nylon fabric. The heavy-duty zippers are large non-corrosive nylon, and there is a detachable 38mm shoulder strap.

There is an oversized velcro pocket for all of your surf accessories and we’ll even throw in a patented removable hanging hook so you can hang your board bag with ease. This is a quality you can trust so that you can surf with confidence.

At Ocean & Earth, we're dedicated to protecting our planet and the new board cover range is designed for a lifetime of use, and our lifetime warranty underscores our commitment to a sustainable future. We back the quality of our products and assure against faulty workmanship or defective materials for the entire lifespan of the surfboard bag.

That is the lifetime of trust we aim to deliver with the APEX, HYPA and Cor_X surfboard covers. Boards are expensive, and time out of the water sucks. We'll look after your surfboards, you go surfing. Sounds like a good deal, right?

 Words by Ben Mondy